Death in Siberia
Dryden, Alex

ISBN 9780755373390
Taal GB
Categorie literaire thriller
Omschrijving 2012, Afgeschreven bibliotheekboek, 406pp,
Extra informatie The Cold War is dead but Russia's ambitions continue to rage... The Kremlin is holding its leading nuclear physicist prisoner at a military facility above the Arctic Circle. The reason? Professor Kryuchkov's ground-breaking discovery could save the world... and destroy Russia's economy. Former KGB agent Anna Resnikov is sent from America to confirm or deny rumours of Kryuchkov's breakthrough. But the physicist has already taken action. And when police detective Alexei Petrov discovers the formula hidden on a corpse, he is desperate to decipher its meaning. Following Anna Resnikov to the Arctic city of Norilsk, their linked fates end in a thrilling, terrifying climax in the icy wastes of Russia's northernmost territories...

€ 6,95

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